The Sailfish, known scientifically as Istiophorus platypterus, is an exceptional creature of the sea, widely recognized for its speed, power, and stunning physical attributes. It’s a species of billfish that lives in warmer sections of all the oceans of the world.


They predominantly inhabit warmer waters near the ocean’s surface. They are highly migratory and tend to prefer areas where warm and cool currents mix, creating an environment rich in their preferred food sources. Regions with significant sailfish populations include the Atlantic coast of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.

Physical Characteristics

The most striking physical characteristic of the sailfish is its large dorsal fin or “sail,” which often stretches the entire length of its back and is much higher than the body’s thick. The sail is usually folded down when the fish is swimming and raised when it feels threatened or excited. Sailfish also have a long, slender body and a bill-shaped upper jaw. Their bodies are predominantly dark blue on top, with a silver or white underside.

Feeding Habits

They are are carnivorous and feed mainly on smaller pelagic fishes and cephalopods. Their diet includes sardines, anchovies, mackerels, squids, and octopuses. They use their long bills to slash at schools of small fish, injuring or stunning their prey before circling back to consume.


Sailfish are highly prized game fish due to their incredible speed, acrobatics, and fighting spirit. Whether you’re trolling, kite fishing, or using live bait, hooking a sailfish promises a thrilling experience. Given their speed, catching a sailfish is considered a true accomplishment among anglers.

Why is this a good mount?

This fish mount makes a stunning addition to any collection due to the species’ impressive size and unique physical characteristics. The raised sail, in particular, creates a dramatic visual effect. A well-crafted sailfish mount can capture the vibrant colors and sleek form of this majestic creature, serving as a lasting reminder of a successful fishing adventure.