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Spanish Mackerel Two-Sided Fish Mount

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The Spanish Mackerel, known scientifically as Scomberomorus maculatus, is a highly prized fish among anglers due to its speed and agility. With its torpedo-shaped body and forked tail, this species is built for swift movements in the water. The Spanish Mackerel is typically found along the Atlantic coast of the Americas, ranging from New York to the Gulf of Mexico.


Spanish Mackerels prefer warm waters and are often found near the surface in offshore areas or close to the shore where waters are shallow. They migrate seasonally, heading north during the summer and returning south when winter approaches. This migration pattern makes them accessible to both offshore and inshore anglers at different times of the year.

Physical Characteristics

The Spanish Mackerel is easily identifiable by its sleek, elongated body that’s blue-green on the top and silver underneath. It features rows of distinct, yellowish-orange spots on the sides and a sharply forked tail. Spanish Mackerels can grow up to 32 inches in length and weigh as much as 13 pounds, although most commonly, they are around 2-3 pounds.

Feeding Habits

These predatory fish have a diet primarily composed of small fish such as sardines, anchovies, and shrimp. Their sharp, pointed teeth and high-speed pursuits make them efficient hunters, capable of chasing down and capturing their prey with ease.


Spanish Mackerels are known for their fighting spirit, making them a favorite amongst sport fishermen. When hooked, they offer a thrilling fight, often leaping out of the water and running fast. Light tackle is usually sufficient to bring in a Spanish Mackerel, adding to the fun of the catch.

Why is this a Good Mount?

A mounted Spanish Mackerel can be a fantastic addition to any trophy collection. Its vibrant colors, sleek design, and recognizable spots make it a visually appealing piece. Moreover, it serves as a symbol of a successful catch, given the speed and agility of this fish. A Spanish Mackerel mount is not just a great conversation starter but also a tangible reminder of an angler’s skill and memorable fishing experiences.

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