Walleye are a type of fish with unique eyes. They have large, protruding eyes that help them to see in dim and murky waters. They also have sharp teeth, which help them catch their prey. Walleye can be found in freshwater lakes, rivers, and streams across North America.


The environment that walleye inhabit is typically made up of slow-moving or standing water, such as lakes and rivers. They prefer clean, clear waters with plenty of vegetation, rocks, and other structure where they can hide and find food. The bottom should be composed of mud, sand, or gravel for the fish to feed on.

Physical Characteristics

They have a few distinct physical characteristics that make them stand out from other fish. They have dark olive-colored bodies with silver sides and white bellies, which help them blend into their environment. They also have large, protruding eyes and sharp teeth in the front of their mouths that allow them to easily catch prey. Walleyes can grow up to 19-24 inches long and weigh up to 5-8 pounds. These fish are known for their fighting spirit when they are hooked, which makes them a great catch for anglers.

Feeding Habits

They are bottom feeders, meaning they swallow their food whole. They typically feed on smaller species of fish such as minnows, crayfish, and other aquatic insects. They also use their sharp teeth to take bites out of larger prey when necessary. During the day, walleye prefer to stay in deeper waters where there is less light, but they can also move into shallow waters to feed on smaller prey. At night, they tend to venture into shallow waters in search of food.


Walleyes are a popular target for anglers due to their strong fighting abilities and delicious taste. While they can be found in shallow waters, they often prefer deep water where they can find plenty of covers. Walleyes are attracted to baitfish, so live bait such as minnows or worms is the best way to catch them. They are also more active during low light conditions such as an early morning or near dusk, so these tend to be the best times for fishing. Walleyes can be caught in both fresh and saltwater, making them one of the most versatile fish around!

Why is this Fish a good mount?

Walleye is a great mount because of its unique physical characteristics. The protruding eyes and sharp teeth give it an interesting, lifelike appearance that will look great mounted on any wall. The dark olive-colored body with silver sides and white belly make for a stunning combination that stands out in any room. Additionally, the fighting spirit of walleye when hooked makes for a great fish tale that can be shared with friends and family. All in all, it’s an exciting and memorable experience to catch a walleye, making it the perfect choice for any angler looking to proudly display their catch on their wall.