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Custom Fish Mount-$14/Per Inch

  1. $14 per inch. Note* Minimum charge is for 20″
  2. Measure and enter the size of your fish in inches in the below field. (Custom fish Size)
  3. Upload an image of your fish, if you do not have an image, provide a brief description in the comments
  4. Enter any additional comments you may have
  5. Finalize the order by adding the product in the cart and follow the checkout process.
  6. We will contact you to provide a shipping quote
  7. Upon acceptance your credit card will be charged 50%
  8. When the item ships your credit card will be charged the remaining balance.


Custom Fish Mount

Place a custom fish mount order from here. Upload up to four pictures of your fish and select any options. Please see the image to make sure you measure properly. Enter total inches of your fish in the form, minimum is 20″. Let us know anything else needed for your custom order. Your custom fi