Arctic Grayling

The fish also known as Thymallus arcticus, is a species of freshwater fish found in Arctic and subarctic rivers, lakes, and streams. The Arctic Grayling is an important part of the aquatic ecosystems of the north, providing food for larger predators and adding to biodiversity. They are identifiable by their distinctive large, sail-like dorsal fin and their long, slender bodies. Arctic Grayling are a schooling species and tend to inhabit shallow waters near the shore. They feed mainly on aquatic insects, larvae, and crustaceans.

Arctic Grayling-Environment

Arctic Grayling are usually found in freshwater environments, such as cold, fast-moving rivers and streams within Arctic and subarctic regions. They prefer shallow waters and areas with plenty of vegetation along the banks for shelter. Water temperature is an important factor for this fish; they tend to be less tolerant of warmer temperatures than other species

Arctic Grayling – Feeding Habits

Arctic Graylings are opportunistic feeders, eating whatever is available in their environment. Their diet consists of aquatic insects, larvae, crustaceans, surface-dwelling insects, and sometimes small fish. They forage for food near the shoreline, relying on their acute vision to locate prey items in shallow waters.


Arctic Grayling is an excellent game fish that can be caught with a variety of fishing techniques, such as trolling, spinning, and fly fishing. They may shy away from heavily fished areas but can be found in abundance in waters where they have not been overfished. Their average size is around 12 inches, although some specimens may


The Arctic Grayling is a colorful fish, with a silvery body marked by pink and red spots on its sides. The most distinctive feature of this species is its large dorsal fin, which has a bright orange or yellow hue. Their caudal fin can range from yellow to blue and even green in some individuals. This vivid coloration makes the Artic Grayling an attractive game fish. Underwater, these fish appear even more vibrant and eye-catching. It’s no wonder they are prized by anglers!


The Arctic Grayling is a unique fish, with some fascinating characteristics. One of its most notable features is the large, sail-like dorsal fin that gives it an almost regal appearance. This species also has very slim bodies, meaning they can move through water with great agility. They are known for their extraordinarily keen vision and have been

Why is this fish a good fish mount

The Arctic Grayling is a beautiful, unique fish with plenty of detail that makes it an ideal choice for taxidermy or as a wall mount. Its intricate coloration and eye-catching features make it stand out and bring any room it’s into life. Furthermore, the Arctic Grayling is highly durable and can withstand the elements, making it a great choice for outdoor displays. Finally, its slim silhouette makes a striking addition to any wall-mounted display. For these reasons and more, the Arctic Grayling is an excellent choice for a fish mount.