The Yellowfin Grouper, scientifically known as Mycteroperca venenosa, is a species of marine ray-finned fish, belonging to the family Serranidae. This grouper is native to the western Atlantic Ocean, spanning from Massachusetts to southern Brazil, including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.


Yellowfin Groupers are usually found in reef environments, particularly in shallow waters, but they can also be observed in deeper waters where their color morphs into a bright red. Their habitat ranges from greenish-gray rocky areas to brightly colored coral reefs.

Physical Characteristics

The Yellowfin Grouper is a robust, large-bodied fish with an oblong shape. It is known for its distinctive coloration, which includes a range from olive green to brighter red with dark spots forming horizontal rows on its body. It can grow up to 100 centimeters in length and reach a maximum weight of about 36 pounds.

Feeding Habits

They are carnivorous predators, feeding mainly on other smaller fish and squid. They also have a fondness for crustaceans. They are known to be strategic hunters, using their coloration to blend with their environment and ambush their prey.


Yellowfin Groupers are highly sought after by anglers due to their size and the challenge they present when hooked. They are known for their fight, often diving deep and seeking shelter in reefs when hooked, making the pursuit an exciting challenge.

Why is this a Good Mount?

A mounted Yellowfin Grouper makes for a visually striking display, thanks to its distinctive coloration and large size. It serves as a testament to the angler’s skill and perseverance, given the fish’s reputation as a challenging catch. Moreover, it brings a piece of the vibrant underwater world into homes or establishments, adding interest and conversation to any space.