The White Marlin, scientifically known as Kajikia albida, is a mid-sized, highly prized billfish renowned for its speed and agility. This species is found in the tropical and subtropical Atlantic Ocean, from Nova Scotia to Argentina and the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.


White Marlin generally occur solitarily or in pairs, although small schools of five to twelve fish are occasionally seen. They are not typically considered schooling fish. These fish are among the smaller billfish species, reaching lengths just over 9 feet and weighing up to 180 pounds.

Physical Characteristics

The White Marlin is characterized by its sleek body structure designed for fast, continual swimming. It has a round bill in cross-section and a distinctly forked caudal fin. The upper half of its body is deep blue, transitioning into a silvery white on the lower half.

Feeding Habits

The White Marlin’s diet consists mostly of small fish and squid. When hunting, they use their bills to slash through schools of prey, stunning or injuring the small fish before returning to consume them.


Known for their fighting spirit, White Marlin is a favorite target for sports fishermen. Catching one requires skill, as the fish often leaps high out of the water in an attempt to free itself when hooked.

Why is this a Good Mount?

A mounted White Marlin serves as a testament to the angler’s skill, capturing a memorable moment of triumph. Its unique physical features and vibrant coloration make it a visually appealing piece, while its reputation as a challenging catch adds to its desirability as a m