Permit Two-Sided Fish Mount

The Permit fish, scientifically known as Trachinotus falcatus, is a notable species belonging to the Carangidae family. Renowned for its strength and speed, the Permit fish is a favorite among anglers, particularly those who enjoy fly fishing. This species is often mistaken for the Florida pompano due to its striking similarity, but it holds its own unique appeal in the world of sport fishing.


can find permit fish mainly in the western Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts to Brazil. These fish are known to school in shallow waters, starting from one-foot-deep flats to 100 feet deep reefs and wrecks. Additionally, they can be found near seagrass beds, coral reefs, and sandy bottoms.

Physical Characteristics

Permit fish is a distinctive fish, easily recognizable by its tall, flat body with elongated dorsal and anal fins and a deeply forked tail. Its silvery scales and dark patches on the front part of its body are characteristic features. Some Permit fish can grow up to 48 inches in length and weigh more than 79 pounds.

Feeding Habits

Pemit fish have an omnivorous diet consisting primarily of crabs, shrimp, and other small invertebrates. They are recognized for using their powerful jaws and teeth to dig up crustaceans from the sand. They also consume small fish and mollusks.


let’s consider permit fish to be very valuable because of their strength and the challenge they pose. These fish are cautious hunters, so catching them requires careful tactics and precise casting. Permit fishing demands a lot of patience and accuracy, but the satisfaction of finally catching one makes it all worth it.

Why is this a Good Mount?

Due to their size and beautiful silver coloration, Permit fish make for stunning wall mounts. They serve as a trophy for the angler, symbolizing the skill and patience required to catch this elusive and challenging species. A mounted Permit fish is not just a conversation starter but a testament to an angler’s memorable fishing adventure.