Kitty Mitchell Grouper, a delicious salt water fish. It is a popular choice for mount collectors. Due to its unique coloration and size, the fish always turns heads either fins down on the wall or served up for dinner. Its impressive form has long been celebrated by seafood and fishing enthusiast alike. Anglers prize the bright colors of the fish and cite its moistness and flakiness as attribute that can’t be matched. Mounted Fish collectors have long favored this particular species due to it’s many sizes and varying shapes. With a broad range of appearance is sure to catch your eye either in nature or elegantly preserved on your wall.

This is an exotic salt water fish with a unique beauty and charm. Native to the waters of South America. Capturing their full form is essential, and a well-crafted Fish Mount of a Kitty Mitchell Grouper will make an impactful statement in any home or office. The vivid colors and long body are highlights that must be represented accurately. If done correctly by crafting an expert Fish Mount using quality materials. The Kitty Mitchell Grouper population can thank you for helping preserve its grace and beauty among collectors today.