Jack Crevalle salt water fish are a prized catch among the world’s sport fishers. As an aggressive, powerful fish that can weigh up to fifty pounds, This fish puts up an impressive fight for it’s size. With their colors ranging from a deep green to purple and blue. These stunning creatures can make beautiful Fish Mounts. Though they prefer larger bait, Jack Crevalle have been caught by anglers using shrimp or crabs. They are also known to be sensitive to actions of nervousness or excitement in humans or other animals.  This leads them to become more defensive and thus more challenging for a good catch!

The Jack Crevalle is a member of the Carangidae family. It is commonly found in the warm waters of the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific coasts. They are a popular salt water fish known for their durable meat, making them a favorite among fishermen. Not only can they make an amazing meal, but they also look impressive when displayed in Fish Mount form.