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Wahoo full mount

Wahoo, fiberglass fish replica, full body mount.


Wahoo full mount

The Wahoo fish, scientifically known as Acanthocybium solandri, is a highly prized species among sports fishermen due to its speed and high-quality flesh. This scombrid fish is found worldwide in tropical and subtropical seas, making it a familiar sight in various fishing expeditions.


Wahoo fish thrive in offshore environments, typically in tropical and subtropical waters. They’re often found near the surface of the sea, where they can easily spot and chase down their prey. Their preference for warm waters leads them to migrate toward warmer regions during colder seasons.

Physical Characteristics

The Wahoo is a striking specimen with a long, streamlined body built for speed. It boasts a dark blue-green color on the upper body while its sides or flanks display light blue stripes or barring. Its body is covered in tiny scales and can grow up to 8 feet in length, with a weight of up to 180 pounds.

Feeding Habits

Wahoos are voracious predators, primarily feeding on whole small fish like sardines, mackerels, and squids. Their sharp, serrated teeth and incredible speed make them efficient hunters, capable of cutting their prey in half in a single swift motion.


Known for their speed and fighting spirit, Wahoos are a favorite among sport fishermen. When hooked, they provide a thrilling fight, often leaping and running fast. Their high-speed pursuits and acrobatic leaps make catching a Wahoo an exhilarating experience.

Why is Wahoo Full Mount a Good Choice?

A mounted Wahoo is a great addition to any trophy collection due to its distinctive and sleek appearance. Its vibrant colors and streamlined shape make it a visually appealing piece. Additionally, a Wahoo mount serves as a symbol of a successful catch, given the speed and agility of this fish, and a reminder of the thrilling fishing adventure.


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