The Striped Marlin, scientifically known as Kajikia audax, is a stunning species of marlin that’s recognized for its striking appearance and formidable size. This fish species is found in tropical to temperate Indo-Pacific oceans, often close to the surface.


The Striped Marlin thrives in warm waters and is highly migratory in nature. It is most commonly found in offshore waters, where it can regulate its body temperature effectively. Its migratory patterns mean that it travels vast distances, often crossing oceans.

Physical Characteristics

The Striped Marlin is characterized by its sleek, elongated body with a long snout or bill and a long dorsal fin. The upper part of its body is blue-black, fading to a silvery white underneath. What sets the Striped Marlin apart are the pale vertical bars or “stripes” on its sides. These fish can reach up to 14 feet in length and weigh over 450 pounds, though most caught by anglers are typically smaller.

Feeding Habits

Striped Marlin are carnivorous, feeding on a diet primarily composed of other fish and squids. Their speed and agility, along with their sharp bills, make them excellent hunters in the open ocean.


The Striped Marlin is a prized trophy for sport fishermen due to its beauty, size, and fighting spirit. When hooked, these fish put up a spectacular fight, often leaping and tail-walking on the water’s surface. This combination of beauty and brawn makes angling for Striped Marlin a thrilling experience.

Why is this a Good Mount?

A Striped Marlin mount makes an impressive display, capturing the beauty and power of this remarkable species. Its vibrant colors and distinctive stripes are aesthetically pleasing, and its formidable size adds a sense of drama. A mounted Striped Marlin serves as a testament to the angler’s skill and a reminder of an exhilarating battle at sea.