Mahi-half mount.

The mahi, commonly known as the dorado or dolphin fish. It is an immensely popular saltwater fish famous for its color and flavor. Not only is it a delicious meal, but it has caught the eye of many a fisherman due to its bright patterning. A number of dedicated fisherman, have even gone out to create mahi Fish Mounts as a treasured keepsake. This combines function with art. Fish Mounts are essentially sculptures. They capture the beauty of any particular fish species in a realistic likeness, preserving them forever.

Fiberglass is the preferred choice of materials. The Fish Mount trend has grown quite popular amongst the avid angler and many find the process exciting.  Allowing them to take part in creating something truly unique with their trophy catches!

Its body is covered with striking blues and greens, making it a desirable option for Fish Mounts. Fish Mounts are used to decorate interior spaces such as homes, offices, and restaurants. This fish mount also makes an impressive trophy after a successful deep sea fishing excursion. Locally caught Mahi-Mahi can be found in abundance in many oceans around the world, making it an ideal addition to any Fish Mount collection.