The blue marlin is a fearsome predator, and its habitat is the open ocean. It can grow to be over 15 feet long, but it typically weighs between 550 and 1,200 pounds. The average water temperature where blue marlins are found is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

They are highly adaptable fish that live in all temperate oceans of the world. They are able to survive in a wide range of temperatures and depths because they have a high degree of fusibility (the ability to adjust their body temperature). Blue marlins have been known to be aggressive at times, but most of the time they are fairly docile creatures.

They are quite curious and can be seen swimming around boats, though they’re usually not interested in interacting with humans. These fish have a unique way of hunting – they use their bill to stun or injure prey. This makes them incredibly efficient hunters and helps them to find food quickly.

With their perfect camouflage and impressive speed, blue marlins are some of the most exciting fish to see while out at sea. If you’re ever lucky enough to spot one, take advantage of the opportunity – it’s an experience that you’ll never forget! With its awesome strength and agility, the blue marlin is truly a majestic creature that deserves admiration from all who come across it.  Visit today to learn more about