The Blackfin Tuna is an incredible salt water fish, prized by fishermen and renowned for its remarkable taste. With this elegant species being so sought-after, a Fish Mount can make a great way to show off your trophy catch. Fish Mounts preserve the beauty of this sleek and graceful swimmer, with authentic-looking fins and scales that will never fade or tarnish. Fish Mounts also feature an ecologically responsible construction process which uses nearly indestructible. The lightweight composite materials are both fireproof and waterproof.  This means that it’ll retain its vibrant look for many years to come! Fish Mounts offer unmatched realism in color. Creating an heirloom that pays homage to the beautiful Blackfin Tuna. A salt-water fish like no other!

These fish are an abundant salt water fish found mainly in tropical and subtropical oceans. They can grow up to 45 inches and 7-30 pounds, so they make for a great Fish Mount for proud fishermen. They have a distinctively blue color with a yellow belly and fins making them look majestic. These fish feed on mid-water prey like squid, mackerel, and small tuna. That makes them very popular amongst professional sport fishermen. Considered a prized catch among sport anglers.