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All About Half-Sided Fish Mounts, Half Mounts and Single Side Fishmounts

A half-sided fish mount is a fiberglass replica that is skillfully painted to be as lifelike as the real fish. They are less expensive than the standard full mounts, easier to hang and move around, lightweight and can be displayed both indoors and out.

Half side fish mounts are ideal for decorating in a nautical motif, especially for seafood or coastal type of restaurants. They are widely used in marinas, corporate offices and ocean themed establishments. All half mount fish replicas show just the one side of a fish or sea creature, though they do show relief and appear to be full bodied.

View of fish mount from the side.
Showing body depth of the fish.

View of half side fish mount from front.


View of backside of half side fish mount.

Brown's Taxidermy has been a leader in single-sided fish mounts for years.  Our wide variety of species ranges from saltwater fish to freshwater game fish to decorative sculptures.  Our billfish fish mounts, sailfish fish mounts and marlin fish mounts are most popular with the ocean going sportfishermen, while our trout fish mounts, bass fish mounts and snook fish mounts are prized by the freshwater fishing enthusiast.

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