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Special Mounting Options

Driftwood, Oval Base, Engraved Plaque

Enhance Your Fish Mount

We offer special mounting features, like oval bases,
driftwood background and engraved metal plaques

Available on full mounts 35 inches or less in length.

Driftwood and Oval Plaque - Add $55

Engraved Metal Plaque - Add $35 (max 12-15 words)

To purchase any of these mounting options, FIRST go through the ordering process as usual, when you come to the COMMENT SECTION, enter the type of mounting options you want OR call us at 800-818-2769.


Sample Fish Mounts with Enhanced Mounting Options

Trout with Driftwood and Engraved Plaque

Largemouth Bass on Driftwood Only

Lake Trout Mounted on Oval Base with Engraved Plaque Attached

Largemouth Bass on Driftwood with Detached Engraved Plaque

Fish Mount
$14.00 per inch
Includes $1.00 per Inch
Crating Charge
( 20" Minimum Charge )

$65 flat fee for shipping fullmounts 40" and under in Continental USA

Fish Mounts over 40"
Additional Shipping Charge

Other Sizes for This Species Available - Contact Us with Your Request